2021 Reflection & Recap: The Year of Transformation

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2021 Reflection & Recap: The Year of Transformation

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Whoa. I can’t believe we are at the end of the year already! This year was definitely one interesting chapter for the books. I know, I know what you’re thinking…

Girl, you’ve been away for 12 months! How are you gonna pop back up like it’s nothing? And what I say to that is I am soooo super sorry for being away for that long! 

2021 was definitely a transformative and a rollercoaster of a year for me. There were times where I felt overwhelmed in all areas of my life and was questioning every move I made. There were also times where I felt like I was just going through the motions and didn’t really have a reason as to why.

But you know what? Looking back on the year, I definitely feel like I came out on top! Here are some insights that helped me overcome the year 2021.


Let’s see, where do I even begin? When 2021 began, I was blessed with two jobs, one full-time position, and one part-time position. Additionally, I also began my career on Fiverr as a blogger and Pinterest pin creator. I was also semi-managing – okay barely at all – my personal blog on the side and writing articles for a local fashion magazine company.

As you can see, my plate was consistently full with so much to do. I barely had any time for my personal health and well-being. Though I was very grateful for all of these wonderful opportunities, I was working myself to the bone. At this rate, I didn’t know what was ahead of me and after a couple of months, I felt myself burning out quicker than I could scream bloody mary. 

Why did you do this to yourself?

I think one of the reasons why I took on so many tasks was because I felt like I needed to work super hard to get the life I wanted to live for myself. Instead, all I got was overworking myself and not getting a chance to enjoy the life I was building for myself. 

Another reason for my actions was that I wanted to get out of student loan debt so bad that I was willing to take on any position that made income to get me there. Instead of working smart, I was working harder than I needed to. I was also very eager to make more money in my career. Even though I received raises from both my full-time and part-time jobs, I still felt empty inside and wanted to give up on working completely.

Lesson: Work Smarter, Not Harder.

That burnout doesn’t look cute on you, boo! 

Honestly, I didn’t even recognize myself anymore. If 2021 needed a poster child for the year, they could definitely borrow my face. I never looked so tired and exhausted as I did this year. I didn’t want to see people, I rarely wanted to go out, and even spending time with family and friends felt like a chore. It was terrible. I felt miserable and didn’t know how to get out of my own way.

Lesson: Make self-care a priority now before you never get a chance to.

It’s okay to ask for help! 

I really didn’t know how to save myself from myself. My wake-up call was around September 2021 when I spoke to my boss on the phone. My boss is one of those people that are so kind, understanding, supportive, patient, and confident; so it was very easy talking to her about my issues. She also guided me through my nervous breakdown when I realized that I had taken on too much work. I came to the conclusion that what I was actually doing was hurting me more than it was helping me. 


After our conversation, I was able to reflect on where I was headed in my life and what things I had to change for me to stop the cycle. Because this could not continue any further. I made a list of all the things I was overwhelmed with and brought up solutions of how I could minimize the workload a bit without losing profit or my sanity.

Lesson: Get help from those you trust & those that truly understand your situation.

Minimize the workload & find a solution!

After a month passed from this awakening conversation, I realized I needed to take action before it was too late. First, I deactivated my Fiverr shop, then I reduced the hours I put in at my part-time position, and lastly, I enlisted the help of a mental/wealth coach to help me get my finances and mental health back on track.

Lesson: Let go of things that are truly not serving you & replace them with things that will contribute to your growth. 

I’m sooo Grateful Though!

Even though the year was filled with different twists and turns, there were still some positive outcomes that occurred within the year.

Firstly, I went through the year without getting COVID which I consider a big WIN.

My faith in God has grown tremendously and I love getting to know my Heavenly Father daily. I enjoy worshiping, praying, and listening to worship music in my spare time. If you would like to start listening to some great worship songs, I recommend starting with the Maverick City Music gang. They are a collective group of various artists who come together with one goal of creating authentic live worship music for people seeking God. I would recommend their songs Promises and Yes and Amen to start out. 


This year, I’m blessed to have celebrated my childhood friend who got married! The ceremony was so beautiful! I also got to travel to two different countries: San Juan, Puerto Rico, and Cancún, Mexico. I really loved going to both places but I have to say, Mexico definitely has my heart. I loved how friendly and funny their people were and I really liked how picturesque the beaches and buildings looked.

So, overall it really was a very interesting year.. And again, I do apologize for not being as present as much as I wanted to be with the blog this year, but I’m hoping that you can sympathize with me after reading my reasons. 

In 2022, I plan on creating more blog articles, collaborating with current and new photographers, and giving you the content you deserve. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog and for all of the support you show me – it definitely keeps me going! 

With that being said, I wish you all a wonderful and prosperous 2022 and I can’t wait to provide more content for you all. Cheers!

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