5 Exciting Things to Do in West Austin

things to do in West Austin
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5 Exciting Things to Do in West Austin

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Home to some of the most beautiful and historical landscapes, West Austin, TX is the perfect neighborhood for any local to live and explore. The effortless combination of luxurious West Austin homes, nationally ranked schools, and the proximity to nature makes West Austin the most desirable place to live.

From strolling through local shops to dining at hearty restaurants and leveraging access to countless amenities, there is never a shortage of things to do in West Austin. Here are 5 things you’ll love doing in West Austin.     

Things To Do In West Austin: Food and Dining

In West Austin, TX, food and culture are the heart of this historic place. Many restaurants boast of exuberant flavors and tastes from all around the world. Food lovers can enjoy a variety of savory dishes like Mexican food, sushi, and traditional BBQ. You’ll find a great selection of vegan-friendly and vegetarian options on the menu too. 

With about 18 restaurants, bars, and coffee shops in the neighborhood, you’ll never grow tired of finding things to do in West Austin. Most residents take walks on an average of 0.5 to their favorite restaurants, bars, and coffee shops in just five minutes.

A popular restaurant most locals frequent in the area is Torchy’s Tacos. This amazing Tex-Mex eatery quickly became a household name in West Austin since its launch in 2006. If you’re into good coffee and fast Wi-Fi, head over to Mozart’s Coffee for a relaxing time by Lake Austin combined with stunning views and regular live music. The Oasis Brewing Company is also a great option for those who love a fresh and flavorful craft beer in both a can and on draft.  

Discover The Great Outdoors

One thing you can count on West Austin for is its natural scenery, ambiance, and immediate access to countless amenities like lakes, hiking and biking trails, and various outdoor parks.

Lake Austin is hands down one of the most striking and accessible water structures in West Austin. Residents can bring their cruisers, fish all day, and eat out by the water all night.   

Along with the great views, serious explorers will appreciate a leisurely walk through Lady Bird Lake Trail and experience a host of different activities like kayaking, biking trails, and fishing spots.

Most locals will also enjoy a fun trip to the Bee Cave Sculpture Park. The park showcases a seven-acre natural setting with permanent and rotating sculptures.

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The Nightlife Scene

During the night, West Austin is an eclectic and vibrant mixture of delicious food, great music, and lively entertainment. Locals have various options to dance, socialize, drink, and meet new people at different bars and clubs. There are also interesting places to go for a more unique experience at night. For example, some locals enjoy going to Pinballz Arcade to experience the best arcade gaming.

If the club scene isn’t your thing, West Austin also provides other options for community gatherings in the evening like art festivals, picnics at the park, organic eateries, and vegan-friendly cafes. 

There are three major sub-districts downtown that you need to know about in Austin’s entertainment and nightlife. The biggest nightlife district and live-music hub is 6th Street. This district is a heavy party-zone area filled with restaurants, bars, and shops. The second sub-district is Rainey Street. This street is considered to be a party zone. It’s one of Austin’s trendiest areas and it’s in the southern part of downtown that’s near the river. The third sub-district is 2nd Street District. This street is known as Austin’s shopping hub and is home to numerous downtown hotels and restaurants.

Let’s Go Downtown

When you go downtown, there are tons of exciting things to do in West Austin. With bustling streets, historical sites, world-class shopping venues, and vibrant art scenes, West Austin is one of the best places to experience city life.

A popular attraction residents love to see downtown is the Stevie Ray Vaughan Statue at the Auditorium Shores. The statue is an 11-foot bronze sculpture that honors and celebrates the life of the Austin musician, Stevie Ray Vaughan.

For those that enjoy Texas history, you don’t want to miss the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum. You will love this interactive museum that features engaging exhibits and allows for exploration of Texas’ past and its transformation over the years. 

Are you interested in collecting unique souvenirs and gifts? If so, travel downtown to South Congress Ave where local artisans are selling one-of-a-kind rare pieces.   

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Explore The West Austin Region

The West Austin region offers every resident a variety of ways to explore different attractions in the area. Throughout the neighborhood, there are Hill Country vistas, lavish parklands, and some of the most vibrant communities right here in Texas.

Locals can explore historical landmarks like Camp Mabry — an 800-acre site that’s been a military center since 1892. The camp is also known for housing the Texas Military Forces Museum in a 1918 building. In the 1916 Mediterranean villa named Laguna Gloria, residents can visit the Contemporary Austin Art Museum and explore the outdoor sculpture park that is on Lake Austin’s banks.

Adjacent to the Laguna Gloria villa is Mayfield Park. This park is a 23-acre nature preserve in West Austin with wooded trails, a historic cottage, and wandering peacocks.

Traditional Neighborhoods Of West Austin

Without question, we can all agree that there is something for everyone to enjoy in West Austin. Nature lovers can enjoy the natural scenery of Mount Bonnell, and city dwellers can explore the bustling downtown streets of South Congress Avenue.The traditional neighborhoods of West Austin are great places to start if you are in the market for luxury housing options or would like to explore locations within Austin city limits. Traditional neighborhoods like Clarksville offer gently hilled streets with cozy West Austin homes, apartments, and condos near Lady Bird Lake.

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