How to Overcome Self-Doubt As A New Blogger

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How to Overcome Self-Doubt As A New Blogger

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Lately, I don’t know what it is, but I can’t seem to shake off this feeling of self-doubt as a new blogger. Before starting this journey, I had so much momentum and confidence to kill it in this game. I also had this stubborn attitude to never give up when times got rough! But now, I’m at a point where I feel a little down in the dumps. 

If you’re a writer/blogger like myself and are going through some of these self-doubting woes, then this article is for you.

Even if you’re not a writer/blogger, but have a new business/venture that you’re starting out and are going through self-doubt, this article can apply to you too! 

Famous Self-Doubters

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s experienced some form of self-doubt in their lives. Heck, some of the greats that we know so well have gone through some form of self-doubting themselves. 

The world-renowned Renaissance painter, Michelangelo doubted in his abilities to create the beautiful masterpiece The Last Judgement in the Sistine Chapel. 

President Abraham Lincoln was known to have many self-doubts back in his day. And instead of crumbling under pressure, he used his self-doubt and depression to strengthen his confidence and fuel his life’s work.

Famous writer Edith Wharton also struggled with self-doubt. She doubted her abilities to write at all. She also struggled with feeling very inferior to a lot of her peers. 

Even Leonardo Davinci — one of the world’s famous artists — doubted himself. Although he was popularly known for The Last Supper and the Mona Lisa portrait, he left a lot of his projects undone and was very hard on himself. 

So if these great giants can push through their self-doubts and make it big in this world, what’s really stopping us from doing the same thing?  

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To explore this, we must understand what self-doubt is, uncover why we feel self-doubt, and figure out some solutions to overcoming self-doubt. 

What is Self-Doubt?

Self-doubt is a lack of confidence in yourself and in your abilities, motives, personality, or thoughts. Simple as that. Whenever you go through self-doubt, it almost feels like you’re a deflated balloon that’s out of air and it’s only up to you to pump yourself (- esteem) back up. 

This can be a grueling task, especially if your balloon is always deflated. It’s even worse when the self-doubt sneaks up behind you when you least expect it. But why do you feel this way? 

Why do You Feel Self-Doubt as a New Blogger?

Fear of failure with the blog/business. As a perfectionist, the fear of failure is always in the back of our minds, haunting us whenever we feel low. And because of this, it’s always important to remember that failure is inevitable and that is completely okay.

It’s okay to mess up and start all over. If you put every effort in and learn from your mistakes, you can improve upon where you went wrong. Besides, the bitterness of failure makes the taste of success that much sweeter. 

Burning out quickly or giving up completely. I definitely get the burning out part but giving up completely should never be an option, especially if you want to see success with anything. Sometimes, I’m guilty of taking on more than I can chew and I quickly burn out as a result.

For instance, it took me a whole hot minute to write this post because all I was doing in June, was writing, writing, promoting, marketing, and back to writing. Even just reading that line is giving me whiplash! It was a lot. So take it from me — it’s never a good idea to take on more than you can chew. 

Giving up, on the other hand, is not even going to be discussed here because (again) this is not an option. You invested so much time into this thing already, it would be a waste just to give up now! …But if you have to give up, I would hope that you weigh out all of your options before doing so.

Surrounded by critical/unsupportive peeps. This one, for me, is big. I spent the last couple of months trying to convince other people that pursuing a blogging business was my destiny and trying to convince them to believe in that destiny for me as well. The worst part of this was when others (who had no knowledge of what I do, mind you) would try and sway me away from my goals by telling me what I should do with my blog instead. lol like boy bye!

Sadly, the cold hard truth is — unless there’s something in it for unsupportive people — they don’t really care about how hard you’re working to get to where you’re trying to go. The people you tell your business to will not know about the individual struggles you must face or the amount of hard work you will have to put in (alone!) to make this business a reality. 

Honestly, I really don’t know why I was so adamant on trying to convince others about what I was pursuing. If anything, I think I was trying to convince myself more of this idea. 

It sucks when you’re your own worst critic because you rely on others’ approval to make things seem okay and that right there, is not okay. If you believe in yourself and what you’re doing, other people’s opinions that are unsupportive and critical won’t matter. So please, don’t be too hard on yourself and keep going!

Feeling Overwhelmed with everything. When it comes to learning something new, there is a ton of information out there to sort through. As a new blogger, I often feel overwhelmed with the technical side, the marketing side, promotional side, and the content side. 

There are a lot of moving pieces that need to be done to make this business work. Since there is no one true blogging guide for all, it can be so overwhelming when there are a lot of people who claim to know what they’re talking about and end up disappointing you with little to no information about the subject. It’s just a complete waste of time. The worst part is when you feel like you’re back to square one trying to figure it all out again. 

Not knowing what you’re doing. Like any other business venture, the blogging business is new territory for me. Because it’s something I’ve never experienced before, it makes me doubtful of my abilities. When I first started learning about the Amazon Affiliate program and how to add disclosures to my website, I struggled with finding a legit tutorial on how to add disclosures to my website the right way. 

It was a complete nightmare! I literally spent hours trying to figure this out and at one point, I had to walk away to regroup and start all over again.

Nonetheless, it does help to do things outside of my comfort zone so that I can learn a new skill and push myself to learn other things. Learning new skills like adding widgets and affiliate images to the blog helps me feel confident in knowing that I can teach myself anything if I put the effort in.

Photo by Emma Matthews Digital Content Production from Unsplash

Feeling like you’re alone in this. Man, I think this feeling is the worst part of the business. You feel helpless, sad, and often think that you’re in this thing all by your lonesome. 

Sometimes, it can get pretty dark when you start to feel sorry for yourself because no one understands or gets what you’re going through — especially when you feel burnt out! When your positive mentally gets replaced with a snarky little devil whispering nonsensical things into your ears, self-doubt can certainly creep its way in.

This is why I compiled a list of 19 tips to help you overcome self-doubt whenever you feel it creeping in.

How do You Overcome Self-Doubt as a New Blogger?

Remember the Why.

When you feel like doubting yourself, the why is so important to keep you going. Try asking yourself: why did you even start this blog/business in the first place? What did you want to get out of it? 

I started this blog business because I wanted to reinvent myself and gain a better life of freedom so that I can pursue other things in life. I also wanted to help other millennials like myself take better care of themselves and dress the part too! 

So whenever you feel low, write down a list of reasons why you started this journey and add new reasons as they come. Keep this list nearby so whenever you go to that dark place, you can read it and help pull yourself back.

Stay Focused.

This is for the moments when you feel like no one understands what you’re going through or doing with your life. The thing with that is you know what you’re doing and that’s all that matters! Even if you have to move back to your folks place for a little while and pick up a part-time job just so you can make this happen, you.know.the.reason.why. So stay focused. 

Ignore the skeptical outsiders or the full-time haters that don’t get what you’re doing and who want to add their little two cents in about everything you should be doing instead. Be determined in your goals and stay focused on them.

Repeat Positive Affirmations. 

Positive affirmations help so much in keeping you upbeat and focused. When you have a positive attitude about life, waking up every morning should be exciting because you are expectant of what’s to come and are motivated to do amazing things! 

Try waking up every morning telling yourself that you are excited for what’s to come and that today, you will have a great day and are determined to do and learn so much from life. 

For more tips on positive affirmations, check out the latest blog post below.

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Imagine Your Future Self.

Whenever you feel low, it helps to imagine yourself already being successful and doing so great with your blogging business. You can try this practice with the help of meditation and answering questions like: How did you do it? What steps did you take to get there? What kept you going?

If you answer these questions in-depth, you can use these steps to fuel yourself and take action in the present moment to help you reach your future self.

Don’t Compare Yourself to Others.

Remember that comparison is the thief of joy!

Everyone’s journey to success is different. If you find yourself comparing your stats or your personal journey to other bloggers, please stop. It doesn’t do anyone any good when you begin to compare. Everyone started from nothing and you don’t know what each blogger/person had to do to get to where they’re at today. 

I’ll be honest and say that I found myself comparing myself to others that have started around the same time as me and are making way greater numbers than me. But then when I hear their full stories of how they did it, it makes sense because my journey with my blog does not match their journey. 

When I first started, I was not good at writing consistently and there were even 2 months — March and April — where I barely wrote any posts at all. I was also trying to figure out the perfect niche and learning up on this blogging game. 

With that being said, it doesn’t make sense to stress about comparing your starting point to others whose journeys are completely different from yours.

Forget the Numbers for a Sec.

Sometimes, it can get really depressing looking at your google analytics, word count, or account balance, especially as a new blogger. 

Yes, I get it — the higher the numbers, the greater the rewards. 

But when you’re feeling self-doubt, it doesn’t help your mental health to constantly be checking the numbers especially if they’re not where you want them to be. You checking your numbers will not make them go up.

Instead, focus your attention on things you can control — your content, your time, your promotion, your learning. With consistency and patience, this will eventually help to increase your numbers. 

Be Patient with the Process.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Anything you work hard for with your sweat and tears takes patience for it to grow. 

Blogging is definitely teaching me that you have to be patient with the process. And I hate to take it back to kindergarten storytime, but even a little turtle taught us that slow and steady always wins the race. 

So in this blogging journey, though I know you want that quick success — trust me, i do too! — remember that this is not a get-rich-quick-scheme but rather a long marathon that will eventually pay off in the end. 

So, if you struggle with being patient, it’s probably best to read up on how to be patient with your blog and figure out certain practices in learning more patience.

Practice Self-Love Habits.

 If you need to step away from your blog for a little while to get yourself together to come back harder, do it responsibly. Always prioritize yourself and your well-being. 

You know how much you can take on any given day and what is pushing things too far.  If you have to step away to gain your self-confidence or mojo back in this, then do it. But whatever you do, don’t give up and forget yourself in the process.

Join Facebook Groups.

Along with the Twitter blogging community, the Facebook blogging groups are so amazing at helping you feel welcomed and informing you about the business. Whether you blog as a hobby or a business, the bloggers are always there to help and give you feedback where you feel inadequate. Here are some of my favorite blogging groups to join: 

Chat With a Blogger Mate.

Through Facebook groups, you can also find blogger friends that understand exactly what you’re going through and are available to help you walk through those confusing times you have. 

I highly recommend that you get a blogging bestie so you can stay motivated and in high spirits whenever you feel low. I, personally, have a blogging bestie and she is amazing! I love her so much!

We bounce ideas off of each other, we talk about our self-doubt issues, our weekly goals and where we can improve. 

If you want to join my blogging community, you can subscribe down below and become part of the fam, fam :)!

Listen to Relatable Podcasts.

My blogging bestie put me onto the Gold Digger podcast, so I’ve been listening to that a lot. Recently, I got put on to the Make Time Online podcast. Here, you’ll listen to some of the best bloggers in the game right now and you’ll learn more about how they got their start to where they’re at right now. I’m still on the search for more blogger podcasts. If I find more, I will definitely let you know. 

Also, I’ve been into a lot of audio self-help books lately whenever I feel down. So far, I am currently reading The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck. I love it!

Invest in Yourself.

If you struggle with not knowing what you’re doing, you might need to recruit some help from other experienced bloggers who have been through the game for a long time! 

I think every new blogger can gain a lot from investing in themselves. It’s already hard enough going through these feelings of self-doubt, so why add worrying about knowledge to the equation. 

In fact, as my blog continues to grow, I will definitely be investing in more classes to help me improve upon my skills. 

So far, I love learning from experienced bloggers like Tracie Fobes, Carly, Michelle Schroeder-Gardner , ELL, and Suzi Whitford

Ooh and let’s not forget about the legal side of blogging with Amira from ASelfGuru. She teaches you how to protect your blog business and protect your assets. Her Facebook group mentioned above is also pretty dope!

Organization is Key.

If you’re just starting out and are battling with self-doubt, I advise that you get a big calendar or a planner book immediately! You need to be organized to make sure you have all of your ducks in a row so you don’t get so overwhelmed or confused about the tasks for each day! Keep a planner handy or a content calendar filled with target goals and focus areas of different tasks to do each day. 

Take it One Task at a Time.

This part kind of goes hand in hand with not overwhelming yourself. I still have to get better at this. I tend to work on everything at once and that’s not productive at all. 

The only good thing about that is I get to write down a list of what worked and what didn’t work last month so that I can quickly adjust how to work better in the current month. 

I suggest working on three main tasks a day and if you get those done early for that day, work on one miscellaneous task that is quick and easy. 

In whatever you do, always remember to pace yourself because burning out is so real. Trust me, I know.

Write Quality Content.

Whenever I finish a post completely, I always feel so accomplished afterwards but then feel the self-doubt and anxiety of wondering whether anyone will like what I wrote or if anyone will read it at all. 

Please. Do not torture yourself like this. You already have a lot to do. From researching to writing to editing and adding pictures to optimizing the content for SEO and publishing; it’s not safe to go into that sort of negative thinking. 

Instead, be confident in knowing that you wrote something to help others with whatever they’re going through. And if anything, when you promote your article the right way, your tribe will eventually find you!! So please stop worrying. 

Another thing that can bring self-doubt is worrying about what to actually write about. Please beware of the exhausting writer’s block. It will definitely come. There are days where the words just aren’t coming, and you may have to step aside and do something else and step back in with a fresh thinking so that the words can easily flow. Or you can try scribbling and brainstorming random words until you find your flow to write again.

Promote Your Content.

Unless you’re a celebrity or famous for something, traffic just doesn’t appear. You have to work hard and find different ways to bring the traffic to you. Sort of like creating cool Pinterest pins to help bring in traffic to your content.

 Pin for Later!

Almost all of the Facebook groups mentioned above can definitely help with bringing in traffic to your blog. There are also wonderful Twitter groups out there that do the same thing.

Some of my favorite Twitter blogging groups are:

When you visit other blogs, it’s best practice to share or comment on their content so that other bloggers can come and do the same for you. Also, commenting on posts helps you get your name out there but please, do not be spammy with it.

Celebrate the Small Wins.

This part is so necessary for the blogging journey. Although it doesn’t seem like it, you’re celebrating the little milestones that will eventually lead to your major success. So it’s very important to celebrate your small wins now so you can enjoy the bigger wins later. 

A small win for me was when I made three sales through affiliate marketing and got approved for the Amazon Affiliate program. The amount wasn’t much but I was excited that I could actually sell something and get approved so quickly. 

Keep That Same Energy.

That same energy that you had before you started your blog, yea keep that energy. 

At that time, I bet you were feeling super confident and dedicated to being successful in this game. Tap back into that energy and use it as motivation to fuel you. Again, go back to the why and ask yourself what and how did you feel when you first started before the self-doubt kicked in? You have to figure that part out, talk yourself through it, and keep the hope alive. 

And lastly but never the least,

Never, Ever, Ever, give UP!

In closing if you fail, dust yourself off and get back in the game! You got this! The world needs your unique perspective and your blog/business to inspire others. I bet if you looked into a future globe and saw that you were inspiring others with what you’re doing, that would inspire you to keep going. 

Therefore, the first person you need to inspire is yourself! Inspire yourself and prove the haters and all of the critics in your head wrong! You have the power and the ability to do what it takes to win! You deserve it! Never give up on yourself for it will be worth it in the end! 

In the future, I hope to be one of those success stories, check back on this article, and think about how I pushed through and overcame my self-doubt as a new blogger.

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Now Let’s Discuss:

How do you overcome self-doubt? 

Please let me know down in the comments below of any tips/tricks you may have in overcoming self-doubt. I’m always looking for new ways to conquer my own self-doubt.

If you think this article was helpful, please don’t forget to share it with your homies and subscribe down below for more content like this!

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137 thoughts on “How to Overcome Self-Doubt As A New Blogger

  1. I needed this! I often have the writer’s block exactly because of self-doubt. Thank you! I’m gonna pin this to refer to it later when I’m stuck again!

    1. yesss omg writer’s block mixed with self-doubt makes you feel like you need to write something but you keep going around in circles in your head about what to write! I hate it :/ xxx

    2. Self doubt as a blogger is such a killer. In the past I’ve written so many post and just left them in draft because of doubting myself. I had to remember my why which is very important. This was a great post.

    1. aw yayyy you are welcome alwayss!! thank you for stopping by and keep pushing through. You got thisss !! xxx

    1. aw shucks thank you so much!! As I gain more experience in this game, I hope to look back to this and keep pushing whenever I feel doubtful xxx

    1. yesss you got this!! If you need any help or a blogger mate, let me know. We newbies need to stick together lol xxx

    1. aw thank you so much!! It always motivating to hear that the post comes off positive and not aggressive as I think lol xxx

    2. Alcohol helps elimate self doubt. Lol just kidding. But seriously I haven’t run into the self doubt issue.yet. But then again I’ve only been blogging for a couple weeks

    1. mann, tell me about it!! Its one of the reasons why people just give up and call it quits because they don’t know how to push through it. I hope throughout this journey, I can keep pushing through! xxx

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this post. This article was extremely helpful, I have been feeling self doubt with my blog lately. I also joined the facebook groups you suggested. Thanks again:)

    1. ayyyeee im glad to hear that this helped! Yes, it’s so hard to keep going in this game sometimes but if we can all help each other out as much as we can, we can keep going. Thanks for stopping by xxx

  3. I relate to this so much! It can be so easy to doubt yourself when it comes to creative fields like writing, art, etc. and I go through it a lot. I found that when I stop comparing myself to others I feel so happier and confident in my writing, but that’s easier said than done. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    1. Oooh talk about it!! Creative fields are so hard to navigate because all we want to do is express ourselves and share our talents with the world. Haha yep I struggle with the easier said than done part too xxx

  4. I hadn’t heard of most of those Facebook groups you mentioned so I’ll certainly give those a try. Thanks for the inspirational post. Keep up the good work! X

  5. Love your post! I’m a new blogger and a new mom so I am constantly feeling overwhelmed with blogging doubt! Thanks for posting your favorite facebook groups. Definitely going to join more of those. 🙂

    1. Yesss do it!! Omg feeling overwhelmed with blogging is an animal! I am sending good vibes your way throughout your journey xxx

  6. Hi love <3 thank you so much for being raw and vulnerable, I really relate to this post 🙂 also I had no idea you listened to Goal Digger, I freaking love that podcast!!

  7. Such good info. Need to find me a blogging beastie! And, man, so true about the critical ideas and misperceptions of friends and family. Thanks for sharing. I needed this and am pinning it to reference again later.

    1. Yesss blogging besties are the best! If you need one, I got you! mmhhmm it be the ones closest to you you gotta watch out for lol. Thank you so much, I am happy it helped xxx

  8. Great article! I’m a new blogger myself and about once a month I go through a self doubt cycle. It’s sort of a wash rinse repeat event. But I keep trekking! I should have gotten into blogging 20+ years ago when it was just starting but the next best time to start is now! You’re doing great and those are all great tips for asking it through. Keep going! You’re doing great!

    1. Exactly! You are so right! No better time to start than now! Aw thank you so much, that is definitely encouraging to here in moments of self-doubt xxx

  9. 1000% celebrate your small wins! So, so important to take the wins instead of always looking wayyyy ahead into the future to that MEGHA goal!

  10. Thank you for this. I have totally been doubting myself lately and in the past, remembering my ‘why’ has always helped. But in the moment, I don’t always think to do it! I also love the idea of writing it down to become something you can look at and reference during your next round of self-doubt!

    1. Wow its interesting to know that I am not the only one feeling like this. But we will get through this by and keep in mind of our why. We got this xxx

  11. I needed this today! I loved the bit about the famous self-doubters. It’s a nice reminder that even those who are most remembered in our history books were at one point in time struggling to see the big pictures. It makes success feel much more attainable!

    1. Right?! It makes me feel calmer when I see that big names have also doubted their abilities. Yess very attainable and we got this xxx

  12. this is so helpful since im planning to move in a self hosted site by next yr. I need to tell myself that I can do it and run my site on my own haha,

  13. I needed this! I just started with affiliate marketing because I was feeling comfortable blogging and now I feel like I just started all over again because of fears! Thanks for the article!

    1. Yes, affiliate marketing is a hurdle for me as well that I am working through. But we are going to keep going and never give up. Let me know if you need support xxx

  14. Great blog post and something I needed as a new blogger myself! Thank you! I like how you said Rome wasn’t built in a day. So true!

    1. Yesss I use that phrase to remind myself when I feel like rushing the process. Thank you so much for stopping by xxx

    1. Omg same! I used to compare all of the time. Now I’m in a headspace where I just want to help others and do my own thing because everyone’s journey is different. We got this xxx

  15. That was such a fun blog post to read! Thank you so much for sharing all these incredible resources and tips. Sometimes I feel discouraged, but I remember to stop comparing myself to others and I feel instantly better.

    1. Aw yayy I’m glad it served its purpose! Yes, that comparison game is a beast, I hate it so much because it just makes me feel so little about what I got going on. But we will overcome! xxx

  16. This is exactly the post I’ve been needing to read. I’ve been feeling a bit down about my blog, all the work it requires, how few people seem to read/follow my blog and social media. But you are right, I’m not going to give up. I might take a break soon to recharge, but your advice has been so valuable to me, so thank you!

    1. Those are the same exact feelings I’ve been going through!! We can only take it day by day, take the necessary breaks as needed, and remind ourselves that we are not going to give up. We got this xxx

  17. Guilty! 🙋 I get so bogged down sometimes with my own doubts 😏 often takes a while to get over it before I restart etc. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Same! When that doubt comes, it takes a hot minute to get back up. But we will not back down. We got this xxx

    1. Wow you are definitely killing it with your blog for 15 months in. Your blog looks so experienced and you share a lot of amazing content!! Yessss definitely!! Thank you for that tip xxx

  18. This was a much-needed reminder. It can be so discouraging at times. I just had to get over myself and out of my own way to make blogging work for me.

    1. Oooh I like that! Getting out of your own way to make blogging work. I definitely need to do that too. Sometimes, I get in my own way and self-sabotage things. But not anymore, that stops today xxx

  19. You provided A TON of useful information here, thanks! My biggest fear is definitely that something I write or think will be perceived the wrong way, and that plus this pandemic and anxiety stops me from writing, posting, and sharing. I have to continue to remember why I do it.

    1. Yes, the why is like a lifeline for us bloggers to keep going. You are an amazing writer and your perspective is very much needed! Even if it is perceived the wrong way, it is your truth and there will be others that agree with it and others just wont and that is okay too. We got this xxx

  20. Great post! Even though I’m not really a new blogger anymore, I still have self doubt. I’m terrible with the being patient with the process. I’m especially impatient with pinterest right now. lol

    XO Steph

    1. Wow it’s interesting to know that later on, doubt still creeps in. Lol Pinterest is annoying me as well! No matter how many new pins I create, it always wants more haha xxx

    1. Right, who knew!! In a twisted way its kind of encouraging to know that we are not alone in this sort of feeling xxx

    1. Omg thank you so much! I know right!! Yes, knowing the why and pressing on is key. Thank you for stopping by xxx

  21. Thank you for your candor in writing about your insecurities as a blogger. Even though I have only been blogging for over a month, I face similar problems that you have detailed here as well. It is tough, but I agree that having writer friends and taking breaks from writing do help a lot.

    I’ve read a few of your blog posts before, and I must say that this personal essay along with the tips at the end is one of the best ones you have written. You’re amazing, so keep writing and taking breaks whenever you need them. Can’t wait to read more from you! 🙂

    1. I am literally crying!! You are amazing and I appreciate your kind words so much! This game is very tough but it’s good to have blogging friends like you to keep you motivated and let you know where your strengths lie in your work. Thank you so much Ming xxx

  22. This is such a great post! I just started my blogging journey this year and I cycle through soooo many emotions. From self-doubt to feeling really good. Some days I am discouraged and find myself comparing my blog with others’. Some days I feel really confident. But through all, I stay consistent and believe in myself.

    1. Man that cycle of emotions is the worst lol. First you feel excited, then you feel motivated, than you feel content, then slightly sad, then doubtful… lol and it goes on and on and then repeats itself. Yess, its a good reminder that you got to stay consistent and believe that you will pull through. We got this xxx

  23. These are such good points. I struggle with this all the time and these are such good things to focus on in those moments. Thanks for sharing!

  24. This was SO relatable! My blog went live literally 24 hours ago and I am already starting to doubt if I’ll ever be successful with it. It’s all so overwhelming! Thanks for the fantastic tips to help me stay focused and push through!

    1. Hahah oh crap! Man you got this!! Your blog is going to do great! It is very overwhelming but if we keep our whys and patience close to our hearts and minds, we got this xxx

  25. I completely agree, and as someone who is naturally anxious, I doubt myself a lot which can be hindering. As you say self-doubt can get in the way and it is important to not let it stop you from doing anything that you want to do. In the case of blogging I think that it is natural to doubt your capabilities especially if you are new to it but it’s important to try and overcome that self-doubt. Another wonderful post!

    1. Man, anxiety is another beast to overcome. Take that and couple it with self-doubt and it’s like a hurricane keeping you from building that solid foundation from the start. Thank you so much for your tips! I absolutely love your work and you’re an inspiration to me xxx

  26. Thanks for sharing this wonderful breath of fresh air (& content) about the true nature of blogging and what we go thru. I constantly find myself having to remind myself to hang in there… that it is a process… and good content will get rewarded with consistency, good SEO and time.

    1. Aww Beth thank you so much for stopping by!! Ooh thank you for those gems, I will definitely keep that in mind for myself xxx

  27. Self-doubt is something that affects us all, whether you’re a new blogger or have been doing it for years! I know when I was starting off with my blog I was doubting most of my content but by applying a lot of the steps that you mentioned I started to doubt myself less and less. Even now when I’m three years into blogging I still find myself doubting my content every now and then, and comparing myself to others as well. But what’s so great about blogging is the supportive community! x

    1. So very true!! Yessss and that is the place I want to be, a place of doubting myself less and less as the process continues. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and your great tips xxx

  28. such a detailed post of over coming self doubt as a new blogger.
    surely, a must read post for all beginner bloggers.
    so many great tips and thanks for sharing!

  29. Such great tips! I definitely could have used some of these when I first started out. However, even after years of blogging I have some serious bouts of self-doubt. At least I know I’m in good company! 😉

    1. Rightttt its so weird how in the beginning i thought I was alone in this feeling but now its comforting to know that other bloggers do indeed experience this. But together, we got this xxx

  30. I have a list of 30 positive affirmations written down and saved on my Desktop which I read every morning before starting work. It helps a lot to build that positive energy in myself. And I also support you 100% on organization. A clean desk and a clean mind can do wonders to taking on the day with confidence.

    1. Oh wow, that is such a great idea!! I will definitely be keener on prioritizing organization than I already do! Thanks for the tips xxx

  31. Such an encouraging post. One major reason for self doubt is playing the comparison game. As a new blogger, the focus should be on creating content but when we hear of other new bloggers making money off products, we instantly think that we’re not doing things right. WE have to remember, as you said so well, that blogging is a process.

    1. Oohh thank you so much for sharing your wisdom! I will need to get better at creating more consistent content on a consistent schedule for sure. Oh man, that is the thing that we have to overcome as new bloggers, just because someone who is also a new blogger is having the immediate success that does not affect our own personal journey as bloggers xxx

  32. Are you able to share the amazon affiliate tutorial that you shared? I’m currently in that boat of not even knowing where to start and feeling intimidated by the whole thing! Thanks in advance.

  33. I had so much anxiety when I first started my blog, but overtime I worked through it, still working through the fear. Your message is so important to useful.

    1. Same! The anxiety is so annoying especially when you are already feeling doubtful. Taking breaks and renewing my thoughts help a lot for me to calm down. Thanks for stopping by xxx

    1. Aw yayyy I am so happy to hear that. It is very motivating to know this is helping other new bloggers. Thank you for reading/commenting!! xxx

    1. Yesss, you got to! lol it keeps me going for sure!! Just the other day I hit another small win and I am so excited to keep going because of it xxx

    1. Yes, on a regular basis it can be so hard but if we are able to bounce back harder than how we felt, we can pull through anything. Thank you so much and thank you for stopping by xxx

    1. Aw thank you so much!! You are so right, in any business really, self-doubt always tries to make its way into our journey, but we will overcome xxx

  34. Wow, I needed this! My blog is about 2 weeks old now. One thing I’m learning the hard way is that I need to do one task at a time, and if it’s a large task, break it down into smaller sub-tasks. I can get so hyperfocused on completing a task and having be “perfect” that I spend 8-10 hours on it and burn myself out. That’s not good self-care. Looking forward to following your blog to see what you have to say in future posts!

    1. Yesss, tasks have been a challenge for me as well. I am still learning how to not overwhelm myself and burnout but to take it one step at a time. Thank you so much ☺️ 💕!! Made my night!! I’m definitely excited to write more self-care content xxx

  35. I just discovered your blog and I’m in love already! I love this post because I can relate so well to all of it. The tips are really great. When ai first started blogging, I had no idea how much work it would entail but I felt confident. A lot of times these days, I often feel out of my depth with how much I don’t know. But I’m learning to stay organized and believe in myself.

    1. Aw thank you so much Yinda!! I love your blog too!! Those are deep points. I will also work on being confident and enjoy the learning process with it all. Thank you for stopping by xxx

    1. You got this!! I am so happy this was of some help to you. I know right, that feeling of overwhelment never really seems to go away but when ya take it step by step, it makes it just a little easier. Thank you for stopping by xxx

  36. I love your blog design! This post is so important as self-doubt is inevitable in all areas of life, and when it comes to blogging too! These tips are really helpful xx

    1. Thank you so much Della!! Love your name and your blog too! Yea, it seems like self-doubt pops up and tries to break people down wherever it feels like. Having the right tools and resources to combat is everything. Thank you for stopping by xxx

  37. Wow what a fantastic and thorough point Josie! I am a new blogger as well, and the imposter syndrome is real! I too would like to make a career of blogging but am nervous to tell anyone about it. I’d rather just surprise them when I make it. 😂🤷‍♀️ But you’ve got the create quality content thing nailed down! Keep doing you! And if you ever need someone to chat about the trials and tribulations of trying to make it in blogging, you know where to find me! I think we’re in pretty much the same boat.

    1. Omg i share the same sentiment lol! When they find is when I make it, love itttt. Aw thank you so much sis 💕💕💕!! Definitely noted, I’m gonna follow all of your socials so we can stay in touch xxx

    1. That is so true! there are days when it creeps in and lingers and then it eventually leaves and I’m back to hustling. Thanks for stopping by xxx

  38. I needed this today. I really did! Thank you so much for being so open and this is definitely encouraging. I’m pinning this, so when ever I stumble upon the self doubt mindset, I can use this to remind me to not give up.

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