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Josie D.

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half-shot of girl smiling; Photo by David Aaron Troy

Hello world! My name is Josie and I’m a content writer, editor, YouTuber, and an avid Pinterest pinner. I’m also the creator of The Cheetah Buzz blog. This is about the 5,000th attempt at launching this blog. In the past, I’ve tried several times to launch and continue this blog thing but due to laziness, procrastination, and life, I haven’t been able to successfully do that.

However, there is no better time than now and I am super excited to see where this journey leads. During my free time, I like to explore my creativity through photoshoots, outfit stylings, charcoal drawings, and looking for the best lippies to match my skin tone. My other hobbies include eating all types of asian food, ghanaian food, seafood, watching cartoons, binge-watching shows with my sister, window shopping, and catching up with old friends.

Throughout my life, people have always complimented me on my dope sense of style and would often ask me for fashion tips. With that in mind, I created this blog to explore the realms of giving readers the essential fashion & lifestyle tips from my perspective. Additionally, I want a space in the world to write about my personal style, my favorite travels, personal development, self-care topics, and other lifestyle/challenges. In time, I also want to give other writers the opportunity to share their work on this platform.

Josie D. is a content writer and editor. She's passionate about encouraging millennials to practice genuine self-care. She also wants to help millennials dress the part, travel to cool places, and feel good about themselves! 💕✨

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