Unboxing: Passion Twist Hairstyle

passion twist hair package; Photo by Josie D.
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Unboxing: Passion Twist Hairstyle

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Ayyeee, my Amazon package came in the mail this weekend and I am so excited to unbox the package with you guys. I missed the summer fever when everyone and their mama was going crazy for the passion twist look in their hair. Even though I missed that heatwave, I’m happy to rock this popular look on my own terms. 

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In this post, I will be unboxing the hair that I purchased on Amazon to create the passion twist look. I was inspired by the beautiful KeKe J. and her passion twist video. She looked so amazing in that hairstyle and I just had to find out what hair she used. It was even better when I found out how much the hair actually cost. Usually, purchasing braiding hair to do a box braid style or a faux loc look can cost anywhere between $40-$80 or more (at least for me). So when I found out that Keke only paid $29.90 for this hair, I was very ecstatic to make my purchase.

When the purchase came in the mail, the package was all kinds of beat up from the side as if it had been through an angry carwash; so of course, I was a little worried about what I would find inside.

Amazon Package

Luckily, all of the items in the package were in-tact. Underneath the bubble wrap laid a cute note that gave some information about Pandas. 

Inside of Amazon Package

notecard from Amazon package; Photo by Josie D.

Back of the Panda notecard from the Amazon Package

Along with the Panda note, inside the box were 7 packs of the passion twist hair (18 inches), a crotchet hook, a few gold and silver hair jewels, 2 clamps, and a tag. 

Passion Twist Hair Package & Accessories

I’m very happy with the unboxing of the product and cannot wait to install it in my hair. Once I install these twists, I’ll post the finished look so that you guys can see.

For more information about these passion twists, click here.

Where do you usually purchase your passion twist hair? Is it usually affordable or really expensive? 

What do you think of this look? Is it overrated or will you/did you try it out? #LetsTalkAboutIt in the comments below!

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