7 Fun Quarantine Birthday Ideas for Adults

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7 Fun Quarantine Birthday Ideas for Adults

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Just because your birthday is in the middle of quarantine times, doesn’t mean that those quarantine birthday ideas have to be trash as well. Instead, make your special day a fun and memorable experience that’s uniquely just for you. Get a speedy head-start with these 7 helpful ideas to make this celebration the best one yet!

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Usually, on my dad’s birthday (May 8th), we like to take him out to his favorite restaurant; fill him with his favorite meals and he’s all set for the day. But this year on May 8th, we couldn’t do any of that because of the lockdown. 

Whenever we go to the restaurant, my dad always orders the Maryland crab soup. No matter which restaurant is serving it, he thinks it’s the best soup in the world. So instead, we (me and my sibs) decided to bring the restaurant to him. My sister called up Red Lobster and had them deliver some to our house just to surprise him. 

And boy was he pleasantly surprised. He thought we threw him a “big” surprise party when it was really just my brother, my sister, my dad, and myself who attended this small shindig. He was so happy and that made us really happy. 

We didn’t even think it was possible to surprise my dad but he says he was truly surprised. He even bragged to his friends on the phone and to my mom who is currently in Ghana. It was pretty cute. 

And well, that got me thinking about how many Aries, Tauruses and Gemini peeps are going to be celebrating their birthdays in quarantine this year. This inspired the idea for me to come up with 7 different birthday ideas for you to make your special day a success during the time of isolation.

Although it’s a unique birthday for sure, I think the trick is to find what you’re into — whether it’s food, games, reading, etc. Then you can plan your birthday around that particular thing. You can even make a whole day out of that one idea!

Reading Rainbow

First up, we got reading for my wonderful book lovers. If you enjoy cuddling up with a good book in hand and love getting lost in the world of reading, you can come up with a reading list of your absolute favorite books before the big day, create a homey-candlelit atmosphere and dive into a good book. An even better touch would be reading while it rains. For quiet rain sounds, download the Calm app for soothing drops at your leisure. 

TV/Movie Marathon

As a TV lover myself, this is one of my favorite things to do on a bi-weekly basis with the little sis. Honestly, I could seriously sit in front of the TV for hours and watch whatever is on (just as long as it keeps my attention). 

This idea is every tv fanatic’s dream. And just like me, you can get hooked to watching a marathon of these awesome TV shows like The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, The Office, and Game of Thrones. You could even bring the movie theater home to you with blockbuster hits like the Avenger movies or the popular sci-fi, thriller Inception.  

With the added works like popcorn, candy, and flavored drinks, the family can even join in as long as it’s cool with you, of course. If you have Netflix, the Netflix Party app also allows you to watch Netflix with your friends online. 

Fitness Day

Now, this idea is for the birthday peeps that feel like exercising or being active on their special day. You can set up a whole workout or dance routine throughout different parts of the day (morning, noon, night) and your family will just have to join in with you because it’s your special day.  

Hey fam (yes, I’m talking to you) – even if you don’t enjoy working out, all you have to do is suck it up for one day lol. 

You can find some free workout routines on YouTube or phone apps, plug it to the TV in the living room and break it down.

Food? Say No More

For the food lovers on this special day, get ready for Thanksgiving day because we are bringing the buffet home! This is what my family did for our pops. Sometime before the big day, figure out what you like to eat, then take that list to your family (or that one family member that can cook up a storm), and wait until the special day to feast your heart out. 

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On the other hand, if it’s your special day and you love to cook,  you purchase ingredients for your favorite meal and have everyone in the house make it with you. You could even pretend that the house is a fancy restaurant and go all out by creating a dope menu and have everyone dress up for the lavish meal.

Do Something Artsy, Crafty or Creative

If you’re someone that just wants to knit and chill on your special day, get some pretty yarn, and crotchet needles from Walmart, pop on a YouTube video on how to knit for beginners, and have at it. 

If you’re lazy like me and you just want someone to make it for you, express these concerns to your peeps and have them surprise you with something special made out of crotchet. 

A really fun idea that involves painting or drawing, you can create your very own art studio area complete with tons of art supplies, paint colors, some jazzy tunes, and a bottle of wine for one. That combination should definitely bring out your creativeness lol. 

Another creative idea would be to dress up in your best clothes, get your face and hair done, think of an interesting concept and have a creative photo shoot to commemorate your memorable birthday in quarantine.

Bring out the Games

Now this my friends, is a great option for those who prefer to spend the whole day playing Apples to Apples, Sorry, Jenga, Candy Land, Chess, Checkers, and whatever card games the kids are playing these days.

I mean, who doesn’t love playing board/card games? Make a list of all of your favorite games to play and see if everyone in your house is down to play. You can even make a marathon challenge out of it. Whoever wins the final round of games, gets a huge prize at the night. 

Spa Day/Meditation Day 

Let’s call this a day of relaxation if you will. Bring the spa home by creating a calming atmosphere with a nice bath or shower after a long and stressful week/day. Just toss in some bath salts and complete the relaxation with scented candles. Be careful with the candles and do not harm yourself as that can turn from relaxing to chaotic, real quick.  

If you enjoy meditating or want some personal time for yourself to unwind; you can lock yourself up in your room lol orrrrrr create a “me” day checklist to recharge. 

During the “me” day, you can watch inspirational videos and meditate for however long you want to. 

Now, I’m curious, did you have your birthday in quarantine this year and if so, when was it?

How are you spending your birthday in quarantine this year? Let me know down in the comments below.

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