13 Powerful Self-Care Tips For Bloggers

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13 Powerful Self-Care Tips For Bloggers

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Whether you’re a new blogger, side-hustle blogger, personal hobby blogger, or an experienced blogger, we all need some self-care tips in our lives. As bloggers or solo entrepreneurs, we often find ourselves exerting so much energy into our blogging businesses/businesses that we forget to take care of ourselves in the process. 

Well, that stops now. It’s time to take some of that energy back and use it to improve our mental, physical, and emotional health. Time to learn how to relax and center ourselves so that we can give back to our businesses with a renewed mind and spirit.

To help with this, I’ve teamed up with one of my very good friends and fellow blogger to provide you with some awesome tips for self-care that you can use throughout your blogging journey. Enjoy!

TCB: What is your name, the name of your blog, and your blogging mission?

Hey lovely, my name is Karen Chen, the face behind Rosethorns and Honeydew. My mission is to help busy individuals achieve success in self-care and creating a productive lifestyle. I’m so happy you’re here today, and I hope you’ll walk away with some golden nuggets of self-care to implement in your own life. 

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TCB: How many years have you been blogging?

I have been blogging for two years now, and it has been a journey full of unexpected twists and turns!

TCB: How did you become a blogger?

I started my blog out of a passion for writing. I used to be huge on writing fanfiction (but we don’t talk about that), and I’ve always noticed writing is where I feel truly free. I started with general lifestyle posts, whichever topics came to mind, but soon found love and joy in creating wellness content and connecting with wonderful friends (like Josie)!

TCB: Is blogging something you see yourself doing for the rest of your life? Why or why not?

Blogging is one of my favorite parts of my weekly routine… but I guess only time will tell. I do see myself always having a creative outlet in some sense though, whether it be through writing, sketching chubby animals, or choreographing dances to my favorite songs. 

TCB: What positive things do you look forward to while blogging?

I love the feeling of sitting down with a fresh idea, and being excited to get it out of my mind and onto paper. The state of FLOW is captivating; I could get lost in writing for hours at a time! I also love collaborating with others, just brainstorming all the possibilities that leave me wide awake at night. 

Lastly, the unpredictability. Some days, I’ll sit down with an idea in the back of my mind, but my intuition tells me something completely different. 

TCB: What negative things or challenges do you not look forward to while blogging?

The unpredictability as well… guess that one’s a double-edged sword. 

The most crushing thing is watching one of your favorite blog posts not performing well, collapsing before your eyes. The excitement in publishing it… then simply watching the numbers stay stagnant. 

It’s very easy to get sucked into the whirlwind of analytics, I always try to regroup to why I started.

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TCB: In your opinion, is self-care selfish? Why or why not?

Definitely not! In fact, I feel as though everyone can take more time to implement self-care into their life. You truly can’t serve and love others while you feel overwhelmed and drained… so always recharge your own battery first. Do a short workout, munch on that chocolate snack, don’t feel guilty… you deserve it, love. 

Bonus Tip: While recharging our physical battery is important, don’t forget to also check-in with your emotional, social, and mental self. 

TCB: Why is self-care important as a blogger? Why or why not?

As bloggers, we fill a LOT of roles. We’re planning, drafting, editing, marketing, linking, graphic designing, collaborating, establishing a brand… It’s literally like running a 1 person company! Keeping that in mind, it’s crucial to practice self-care, or the hamster wheel of content creation could lose its fun. 

There’s a certain pride in hustle culture and getting an astounding amount of things done in one day. Everywhere you look, there are people blowing up overnight, and you’re constantly left feeling behind. 

Take a moment and remind yourself, you’re always doing better than you think, and always value your mental health > productivity. Everyone is on different paths with their own unique strengths and backgrounds, your time will come when it is right. 

TCB: How do you practice self-care before blogging?

I usually blog in the afternoon (find your peak productive hours in the day), so I like to start off my day with a mindful morning routine! Your morning really sets the tone for the entire day, so if your morning is rushed with the notifications of social media, so will your mind.

I start by getting ready with a podcast episode, then reading through breakfast. After getting through the peak amount of non-blog related work in the morning, I’ll grab some lunch, a yummy cup of tea, then sit down to work on the blog. I’m very mindful in not rushing any actions, and taking it one thing at a time. 

TCB: How do you practice self-care while blogging? How about after blogging?

During blogging, I remind myself to be gentle with my creativity. As Elizabeth Gilbert said, your craft shouldn’t be a sense of stress and torture, but a place where you can have fun.

For me, this means not setting a time limit to force the ideas to flow, or beating myself up over writing I’m not happy with. I set separate days to write and to edit, so I can return to my writing with a fresh perspective. 

After blogging, I treat myself to my favorite TV show (Brooklyn Nine Nine is a must-watch), a mindful nighttime routine, and reflection on the day.

TCB: Are there any products, activities or recommendations that you can share with others on how to take care of themselves during their free time away from blogging?

My friend Summer and I actually just launched My Wellness Achiever, a planner and journal with 65+ pages that uplevels both your productivity and well-being. So many planners we’ve purchased in the past focus solely on getting things done, but hey, your mental health matters just as much! 

It’s perfect for busy bloggers, priced affordably. You can shop My Wellness Achiever here!

self care tips for bloggers pdf

TCB: How do you take care of yourself mentally within/outside of blogging? Do you have any tips to share?

Oftentimes, we can be sucked up into the numbers, the analytics or the monetization of our blog. In doing so, we abuse our creativity – seeing it as a work pump rather than a wonderful gift. 

The tip I would love for you to take away is to treat your creativity as a friend. Understand that it will have good days, where the writing is in a blissful state of flow, and bad days, where a blank page is all you can seem to produce. Don’t force it, don’t rush it, try your best to cooperate with it. 

Pursue ideas you’re genuinely passionate towards, not what everyone else is on about or what may earn you the most revenue. 

TCB: How do you take care of yourself physically within/outside of blogging? Do you have any tips to share?

I do a workout every single day, and this could look different in a lot of forms! 

I’ve been following Madfit’s dance workouts on YouTube, she has this One Direction workout that brings back so many memories. I also love Blogilates’ full body workouts, they’re mostly under 20 minutes, the perfect length!

Every weekend, I visit a different hiking trail. Losing myself in nature and being surrounded by greenery is so refreshing and peaceful, setting the right tone for the upcoming week!

TCB: How do you take care of yourself emotionally within/outside of blogging? Do you have any tips to share?

Blogging, or working on your craft is more emotionally draining than we realize! It’s a literal workout for the mind. 

After a day of working, I would say do something completely different while you let your emotional battery recharge. Here is a list of ideas:

  • Chat with a friend
  • Get lost in your favorite novel
  • Binge YouTube (some of my favorite channels include Lavendaire, Rowena Tsai, and Bestdressed)
  • Try out a new makeup look
  • Binge other blog posts! You never know when inspiration will strike

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TCB: How do you take care of yourself spiritually while blogging? Do you have any tips to share?

Personally, I’m a Christian, but whatever you may believe in, there is a way to incorporate it into your blogging journey.

It’s so relieving to rely on a force greater than yourself, knowing once it’s out of your hands, there’s nothing more you can do. 

I used to stress out over analytics very much, constantly checking to see how many views or likes a blog post has received. Now, I just say a simple prayer such as, “Lord, I’m about to publish this post. Please let it reach the people that need to see this encouragement. Amen” and hit publish. 

TCB: Do you think social and/or digital media has an impact on blogger self-care? How so?

Social media in a way has made self-care more crucial, yet destructive. We’re met with wonderful ideas and images on how to incorporate self-care, but at the same time, we’re faced with everyone displaying their highlight reels and accomplishments. 

I mainly think social media is a source of inspiration, but spending too much time on it could take a dark turn. Once you find yourself endlessly scrolling or refreshing, it is time to put the phone away!

It is also completely okay to take a detox every once in a while. You won’t miss out on life-changing updates by taking a day away, I promise. 

TCB: What self-care practices would you recommend other bloggers do whenever they use or overuse social/digital media?

A big part of being a blogger is staying up to date and active with what’s happening on social media. However, if we’re not careful, it could become a toxic place very easily! 

The biggest shift to make is in your mindset when it comes to social media. Instead of coming from a place of gain, come from a place of love and providing value for others. Whether you’re engaging with other accounts or posting something new, envision the value you’re putting out into the world. I find through doing this, instead of fixating on how many people see it, it’s healthier to focus on the right people seeing it. 

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TCB: What advice would you give to other potential bloggers interested in pursuing this business?

Blogging is a huge time commitment, but one that’s so worth it. 

It’s a bit like running a whole company by yourself, it’s far more than just writing. You’re the writer, editor, marketing expert, photographer at times, social media manager, and the one who handles networking and outreach! Starting a blog is far more than just a hobby, it becomes a lifestyle. 

However, blogging will transform you in amazing ways. You’ll learn more about yourself as a person, develop your story-telling skills, make amazing, genuine connections, and wake up to incredible opportunities in your inbox. 

My favorite opportunity that I have taken on so far was modeling for a clothing brand! They reached out, I had the chance to pick some custom pieces from their store, then model them for the brand – all because of having a blog!

Go ahead and start your blog today. Getting started is truly the hardest part – and remember that it’s no small task, but it will change your life for the better.

girl posing; photo by karen chen

TCB: What are some examples of stressful situations that you’ve dealt with while blogging? How do you practice self-care in those stressful situations?

I’ve dealt with the stressful situation of putting something that I’ve worked very hard on out there, and it completely flopping. After hours, the views are just stagnant, and the feelings of disappointment and failure soon followed. 

I’ve learned to mentally train myself to acknowledge these feelings, then transition to a position of “how to solve this problem” rather than dwelling in it. 

Oftentimes, that looks like finding new places to share the post (new Facebook groups, platforms such as Reddit, new Instagram followers). I believe every post offers value, but they have to appeal to a certain audience. You might have to find a slightly different audience for certain posts, but that’s okay! It’s all part of being a blogger – you’re doing better than you think and it’s okay to not have it all figured out. 

TCB: How do you overcome self-doubt as a blogger?

The biggest thing is remembering that blogging is a marathon, not a sprint. Posts from months ago could blow up at any time, and you never know when the right person may see your work and elevate you to a whole new level. 

Keep that sense of curiosity and mystery as you keep blogging, and celebrate every small accomplishment. Don’t set a limit for yourself (ex. this post must have 50 shares within a week), because each article you put out there has endless potential. 

I overcome self-doubt by putting my all into each post – after all, you never know when your big break is – so you always want to be at your best!

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TCB: Are there any self-care exercises, self-care books, podcasts, audio-books or self-care ideas that you would recommend to any bloggers that are feeling stressed or overwhelmed?

Yes, so many! 

I believe what you consume plays such a big role in how you see the world. After all, how can you come from a place of providing value if everything you listen to/read is telling you to gain FAST?


  • Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert 
  • The Achiever Fever Cure by Claire Booth
  • Becoming by Michelle Obama
  • Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis


  • Kalyn’s Coffee Talk 
  • Goal Digger
  • The Self Love Fix
  • Millenial Life School

TCB: What do you think you would be doing if blogging did not exist?

Probably still immersed deep in the fanfiction phase, or perhaps moving on to writing an original book! I was in the program Army Cadets for 6 years, and I’ve always wanted to write on the grueling camping trips, hilarious moments, and international marksmanship competitions. I really can’t imagine my life without blogging, but I will definitely still be shoulders deep in some sort of content creation. 

TCB: What do you like to do during your free time when you’re not blogging?

I love to hang out with my golden retriever Joey, binge Brooklyn Nine Nine (seriously the best show), work on personal development through taking courses and watching documentaries, and connecting with new bloggers and friends! 

girl with golden retriever; photo by karen chen

TCB: In closing, where can other bloggers find you for more information about your personal blog?

I would love to continue the conversation over at Rosethorns and Honeydew! Feel free to say hello on my Instagram, YouTube (productivity and wellness videos galore), and Facebook as well x 

I hope you walked away with some key self-care tips. As a blogger, we’re doing a ton of work, so always have check-ins with yourself on your mental health, and remember that it always comes before productivity! Have a lovely week. 

Closing Remarks

Thank you so much, Karen, for taking the time out of your busy day to do this in-depth interview with me about the importance of self-care in the blogging community. I learned a ton of stuff from you, your experience, and your wonderful advice. I hope everyone reading this, enjoyed it as well! 

As a blogger or a solo entrepreneur, how do you practice self-care throughout your blogging journey or business? 

What advice can you give others about the importance of taking care of yourself in this long journey?

Please let me know down in the comments below and if you think this post was helpful, please be sure to share this with your homies and subscribe down below for more content like this!

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33 thoughts on “13 Powerful Self-Care Tips For Bloggers

  1. Josie, thank you so much for this lovely interview and a chance to be on The Cheetah Buzz! I hope our readers will be able to take away a few golden nuggets of self-care tips x

    1. Aww definitely! Thank you so much for doing this interview. Yesss, I truly hope this helps so many people! thank you again xxx

  2. What a great interview, Josie and Karen! I love seeing interviews with fellow bloggers. Mentioning finding your most productive time to work is so important, I am also an afternoon blogger 🙂 Kalyn’s Coffee Talk is one of my favorite podcasts as well!

    1. Righhtttt!! People underestimate all that bloggers actually go through and have to do! It’s quite a lot and can be overwhelming at times. Thanks for stopping by xxx

    1. For sure! It has been so helpful and relatable to how I’ve been feeling so the tips really help me in my personal journey. Thank you for stopping by xxx

  3. As a 5-months blogger, I can’t agree more! Blogging is a marathon but not a sprint. Thanks for writing this and it’s really soothing to read :’)

    1. Aw that’s really good to hear that this interview provided some sense of comfort for you! Yes, this blogging marathon is long lol! Thank you for reading and commenting xxx

  4. Great interview. It’s always enlightening to look behind the curtain and see what someones lifestyle is really like. Self care is important for everyone but I like that this was geared towards bloggers, which made it more relatable.

    1. Right?!! It was very interesting to find the common similarities that all bloggers face when going through this long journey. Thank you for commenting xxx

  5. I totally needed to read this. I find that even though I blog about personal development and self-care that I often overlook my own. Thanks for the reminder!

    1. Omg same! At times, when I am motivating others to take care of themselves, I forget that I need that self-care too! It is so crucial for our journey. Thank you for commenting xxx

  6. This was great! I love taking the time to make time for myself and just letting go of the stress of blogging. I love it, but it does have its challenging times. It’s great seeing I’m not the only one. Thanks for sharing this!

    1. As this blogging journey can get lonely sometimes, it’s always a good feeling to know you are not alone in this and that others are going through similar things as you. It’s very comforting and motivating to keep you from quitting. Thank you for stopping by xxx

    1. Yes, time management is huge in this process. Or so I am finding! The days just go by so fast and I try to make it as productive as I can but also try to not burn out along the way. Slowly but surely, I am learning to manage my work and time better so that I do not burn out. Thanks for stopping by xxx

  7. Wow – I am impressed with the idea of a planner that incorporates mental health and self care as well as productivity! I honestly never considered that idea before – how eye opening is that! Thank you for this thoughtful interview. I feel like I know you after reading it. 🙂

    1. I know right!! Yes, me too. I need to start listening to more podcasts and self-help books myself whenever I get into tough ruts or a tough thought process that I can’t get out of. Thanks for stopping by xxx

  8. Nice post. I really enjoyed reading and found the post helpful. I also like watching lavendaire’s videos. I like the prayer you say before you publish your post. I’ll try it out and hope it helps me not to bother too much about analytics and all. And yeah, publishing a post you think will do well that ends up not getting any engagement is quite disappointing. Thanks for sharing, I love the interview.

    1. Yes, there were so many helpful tidbits to take away from this interview. I’ve learned so much! You are so right about the publishing of a post with little engagement being disappointing. It’s like you work so hard and it doesn’t do as well as you thought it would do and then you kind of beat yourself up over it. It totally sucks! Thanks for stopping by xxx

  9. Wow, these are such helpful information for new bloggers like me! Thank you for sharing this. I really enjoyed reading and watching. Sometimes I do both, blogging and watching at the same time lol ~

    1. Yayyy, I am so happy you were able to get some helpful tidbits from this awesome interview. wow you got some wonderful skills there lol, Thank you for stopping by xxx

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