Anthropologie & Co – Georgetown, Washington, DC

PNC Bank, Georgetown, Washington, DC; Photo by Josie D.
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Anthropologie & Co – Georgetown, Washington, DC

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Let me start by saying that Georgetown in Washington, DC is one of the most diverse and comfortable towns I have ever had the pleasure of roaming in on a beautiful, sunny day. This busy town is filled with so many people from different walks of life. There are unique and historical buildings like the PNC Bank (featured above), local food shops and popular shopping malls that fill the streets.

Local Shops in Georgetown, Washington, DC. Photo by Josie D.

Local Shops \\ Georgetown, DC \\ PC: Josie D.

It was actually my first time roaming the streets of Georgetown and I enjoyed every minute of it. One of the first stops in town was to the clothing store Anthropologie & Co. This store is known for offering a one-of-a-kind shopping experience that makes women feel beautiful, hopeful and connected according to their store’s Facebook page.

Display window at Anthropologie & Co; Photo by Josie D.

Anthropologie & Co. \\ Georgetown, DC \\ PC: Josie D.

Three mannequins in Anthropologie & Co. Photo by Josie D.

Anthropologie & Co. \\ Georgetown, DC \\ PC: Josie D.

As I entered the store, I found out that the store not only sold clothing apparel but it also sold home goods and wedding dresses. The first floor of the store was the apparel section and the second floor of the store hosted a design center, a bedding section, a kids section, a wall art & mirrors section, rugs, lighting, kitchen & dining, furniture, and a wedding section.

Boho-Chic & High-Quality Vibes

Anthropologie & Co. \\ Georgetown, DC \\ PC: Josie D.

The clothes on the apparel floor looked like something you would only see in fashion magazines. I loved the boho-chic-comfortable-high-quality vibe that I was getting from the clothes, even though they were way too expensive for my taste. I was afraid to touch some of the clothes because the prices were just way too high.

The store had a variety of dresses, skirts, jeans, shirts and coat options to choose from:

Gallery of clothes & shoes on display in Anthropologie & Co. \\ PC: Josie D.

The shoes on display were right on schedule with the upcoming fall/winter season trend. There were a lot of different styles like the short bootie look, medium-sized boots, and cognac ankle boots that fit right in-line with the fall weather.

Sale Away With Me

clothes on sale; Photo by Josie D.

Clothes on sale in Anthropologie & Co. \\ Georgetown, DC \\ PC: Josie D.

I’m not going to lie but I was a little disappointed with the clarence section of the store. It seemed like the store only dedicated a little area for sale items. Plus, there was not a lot of options to choose from on the racks.

It was very hard finding my size in the way the clothes were organized on the racks. However, the clothes were color-coded so it made it a little easier for me to decide which colors to gravitate to.

Additionally, the sale items were aesthetically pleasing to look at, even though the sale prices were still a little too high for my budget.

Anthropologie & Co. \\ Georgetown, DC \\ PC: Josie D.

 Wedding Bells Anyone?

bridal wedding dress section; Photo by Josie D.

Anthropologie & Co. \\ Georgetown, DC \\ PC: Josie D.

In the left corner of the second floor, natural light came in the window and perfectly showed off the wide selection of bridal and bridesmaid dresses on display. It was so nice to see a variety of looks for different styles of women. There was also a sign that read “By Appointment Only”, which one could assume that an appointment had to be made in order to try on the beautiful dresses. For me, just getting a chance to gaze at the unique dress designs was pleasantly enough. It made me feel like I was on the set of TLC’s Say Yes to The Dress.

Bridal section in Anthropologie & Co. \\ Georgetown, DC \\ PC: Josie D.

Home Sweet Home

Hands down my favorite floor in the store was the home & decor area. I did not want to leave! There were so many beautiful pieces and inspiring decor that I could only dream of owning.

Home department in Anthropologie & Co. \\ Georgetown, DC \\ PC: Josie D.

Some of my favorite pieces included these spiraling mirrors and light fixtures:

Home department in Anthropologie & Co. \\ Georgetown, DC \\ PC: Josie D.

Closing Remarks

The Anthropologie & Co. Mall in Georgetown is located at 3222 M ST NW #M-301, Washington, DC 20007-3621. 

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