12 Best Over The Knee Boots For Fall

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12 Best Over The Knee Boots For Fall

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If you know me personally, you know that I love my shoes and treat them as if they’re my babies. Don’t believe me? Just ask my sister lol.

 I think overall, I have about 30+ pairs of shoes that I own. Out of those shoes, I only have three pairs of over the knee boots (one brown and the other two black) and a few combat boots, one pair of cowboy boots, and some fall ankle boots. Now that fall is upon us, it’s time for me to pull out some of the best over the knee boots for show.

Let me know in the comments below if you would like me to post my entire shoe collection and I’ll definitely cook something up. I just love shoes! They add that little extra umph to just about any outfit. 

In this post, we’ll be showing off some of the best over the knee boots for the fall season. You can also be on a lookout for similar types of boots for when you go boot shopping. 

What are Over the Knee Boots Called?

Did you know that over the knee boots are called cuissardes and were originally created as riding boots for men back in the 15th Century? The tall thick leather part of the boot adds extra protection for the legs while on horseback. In battle, soldiers (and even pirates) replaced their heavy metal suits with these dramatic thighboots or waders that offered better protection and more coverage. 

In the 19th Century, women redefined the hip-boots style as a woman’s fashion boot. When actresses played men on stage, they would often wear over the knee boots — thus giving way to the phenomenon known as “breeches roles”. This is what actresses were called whenever they would dress up in men’s clothing. 

It wasn’t until the 1960s where the top boots were really popularized as women’s fashion trend. During the 60s, the style was wild, shiny, bright, and playful just like the times. In the 1970s, the thighboot style took on more of a boho vibe with suede and leather looks. 

In the 1980s, stars like Madonna helped push the top boots back to the forefront with daring music videos and shocking performances. At this point in the 90s, over the knee boots were associated with more of a sexier connotation that gave way to popular films that played on this notion like the iconic 90s film Pretty Woman

In the present day, you can find many styles and different ways of sporting these boots. With the top boots, you can use it to show off your sense of style whether you want to look fun, sexy, sporty, boho, preppy, or even edgy, you can do just that. 

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Are Over the Knee Boots Flattering?

Is this even a question? Over the knee boots are super flattering! They can help to elevate your look by giving it that extra something that’s been missing.

The tall part of the boot can also elongate your legs and make you look taller which is super flattering. If you’re looking for a boot that makes a big statement and helps to build your self-confidence, I think that owning a pair of over the knee boots is a must.

Trust me, these boots are super flattering especially now that fall is coming around. I personally enjoy pairing them with leggings, tights, skinny jeans, short dresses, oversized t-shirts, skirts, and long sweaters. In lieu of this, there are so many ways to make this boot work for you! 


In a later post, I’ll display the different ways I wear over the knee boots and maybe that’ll help you see the many ways of styling them with your outfits. Be sure to subscribe down below so you can be one of the first to know when the article drops!

I want you to make the most out of this look so that they can work for you not only in the fall season but in the winter season as well. 

Can Over the Knee Boots be Professional?

Depending on where you’re going, over the knee boots have the tendency of making you look however you want it to look. If you’re going to a family outing and you pair your top boots with a chic dress that hits at the thigh, the look can be trendy and chic. If you pair a sexy outfit with over the knee boots, then the entire look can be really distracting. Sometimes when you’re not careful, it might appear overly sexy in certain settings. 

If you pair your boots with a nice blouse, a-line skirt, tights, and a trench coat, that look can be professional (at least to me). Even if you wear dark skinny jeans with a long sweater or blazer with your top boots, that can also look professional.

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While wearing over the knee boots, stay away from pairing the boots with short skirts, leggings, or shorts if you are going for a professional look. A key thing to remember is if the clothing of choice does not look professional (in the first) without the boots, then it’s best not to wear those clothes. 

What Are the Best Over The Knee Boots?

Lucky for us, in today’s era, there are so many options for choosing which over the knee boots we want to rock that day. You have the option of going with a glitzy look, a suede look, a leather boot look, a fringe look, a buckle boot look, a pointed toe heel look, an open toe boot look, an animal print look and so much more! 

Here are 12 of my favorite over the knee boot looks for fall —

Steve Madden Over the Knee Boots (Patent)

To kick off this list with a bang, I have included these Steve Madden Over the Knee Boots. These thighboots are perfect for the fall season because they’re not your basic black boots. They have a nice pointed heel and the burgundy color adds a little hint of color to your outfit without going overboard. I love the shiny burgundy patent look of these boots; they have the ability of giving your outfit that wow factor all while keeping things subtle within the fall color scheme.

The Outnet Over the Knee Boot (Fringe)

Who doesn’t need a little fringe in their lives? These fringe high-knee boots are perfect for pulling off that boho-yet fun vibe you’re feeling. The fringe is placed in all the right areas to give your outfit that extra fun it’s missing. The color description says it’s a tan color and it has a nice buckle at the top for a more cool feel. You cannot go wrong with this look!

Amazon Over the Knee Boots (Leather)

Leather top boots are not for the faint of heart! When you decide to put on these bad boys, you better be ready to pair it with an outfit that can keep up with the look and feel of these boots. I think leather in all clothing styles screams confidence to me. That is why this list would not be complete without including a pair of leather over the knee boots. My favorite thing about this particular boot is the electroplated heel. This heel adds a bit of drama without going overboard.

DSW Over the Knee Boots (Flat)

The side detail of these flat over the knee boots is giving me life. Flat-footed boots are perfect for those who aren’t comfortable with wearing heels but love the look of pairing certain outfits with riding boots. You can also incorporate colorful leggings or long colorful socks with these boots to add a splash of interest to your outfit. I especially love these boots in the dark brown color that DSW is sporting.

Aldo Over the Knee Boots (Snake Print)

If you’re feeling a little bold this fall, go all out and opt for this snake print over the knee boot from Aldo. This print is dramatic but chic enough to pair with your favorite black dress or other solid colors like slate, grey, and cream.

For my plus-size ladies looking for over the knee boots that are flattering on thick thighs, try these snake print over the knee boots from Fashion To Figure. They really know how to create clothing apparel and shoes for curvy bodies.

Marc Fisher Over the Knee Boots (Top Tie)

I really like these Marc Fisher boots because they remind me of my top tie black boots I have. I love the top tie detail at the back of the boots. They give the legs and outfits a bit of sophistication and chicness that you might be looking for. I also adore the suede feel of the boot, the half-moon block heel, and the pointed toe look of these top boots.

Macy’s Over the Knee Boots (Brown)

With this boot, you get the perfect mixture of the suede feel of the top boot and the leather feel of the bottom boot. It’s the best of both worlds. These are your classic riding boots with a round toe look, inner ankle zipper closure, and a buckle strapped at the ankle. I can see this boot paired with a lot of preppy looks this fall.

For a better look at these long boots, click here.

ASOS Over the Knee Boots (Suede)

The silhouette on this faux suede over the knee boots is everything! I love almond-shaped toe and the block heel gives me a sense of sophisticated-ness and chicness that I want in my wardrobe. Something about a black over the knee boot screams classy, professional, and flexible enough to be paired with just about every look out there. 

Chinese Laundry Over the Knee Boots (Lace Up)

For me, lace up over the knee boots are some of the hardest boots to pull off with any outfit. I see them paired effortlessly with edgy outfits and short skirts and dresses. With that being said, you have to be really careful when wearing this look as it can sometimes appear a bit chaotic when paired with other elements in your closet.

Nevertheless, I do like this simple lace up on the boot for fall. I feel like the look is warm and the way the laces are placed is not distracting at all, and the color of these boots can pair perfectly well with a lot of things in your closet for the fall season. It is also giving me that Anne of Green Gables old-timey vibe and I am so here for it lol.

Nordstrom Over the Knee Boots (Buckle)

Another look that can be hard to wear is a boot with a lot of buckles. On my Poshmark site, I’m currently selling one over the knee boot with a lot of buckles that I find very hard to pair with a lot of my outfits. I don’t know whether it’s because I don’t like the look of the boot or if it’s because I’m just overwhelmed by the number of buckles on the shoe.

Anyways, the two buckles on this over the knee boot is perfect because the buckles are placed in the right spots and can go seamlessly with anything you choose to pair this boot with. The top boot has a faux leather shine and comes in the colors black and brown.

Alternative Options

For inexpensive and cheap over the knee boots, I often shop at Shoedazzle or JustFab for my looks. They have tons of sales and I love the styles that they present. Their inexpensive shoes are the best for making my feet and outfit look ten times better.

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So far, my favorite over the knee boot from Shoedazzle is the Evanna Over The Knee Boot. It has a nice play on business in the front and party in the back. I love how it’s clean and simple in the front, but when you turn the shoe around, the lace up detail on the shoe is genius. You can also tie the lace in a shoe lace type of loop which is super cute.

The boot I got my eye on over at JustFab is the Francesca Over The Knee Boot. I am really loving the combo of suede and leather on a boot. It looks so classy to me. I especially love the dramatic flair at the top of the boot and the added gold zipper detail at the back of the boot for that extra pop of color.

To be honest, there are just so many great options to choose from from both sites. It was really hard to pick just one look from each site.

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What are your favorite looks from the list above?

Are you planning on rocking any over the knee boots this fall season? Why or Why Not?

Please let me know down in the comments below and if you think this post was helpful, please be sure to share this with your homies and subscribe down below for more content like this!

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34 thoughts on “12 Best Over The Knee Boots For Fall

    1. Yaaass they are super cute and they make the season that much more fun! Omg I am right there with you about being a boot addict lol!! I feel like you can never have enough haha xxx

    1. I know right!! I instantly fell in love with the color of the dark brown DSW boots as soon as I saw them. Thanks for stopping by xx

  1. Fall is the season for boots and you have so many killer options! I am loving the amazing color of the burgundy boots, as well as the stylish print on the snake print boots. For no heels, the brown Macy’s boots are perfect.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yesss I think the burgundy ones are my absolute favorite. I haven’t seen anything like that before! The snake boots are killer too!! Yesss the brown Macy’s boots are everything too. Thanks for stopping by xxx

    1. Omg i can’t say enough about over the knee boots! They add so much flavor to your outfit. Haha I am a bad influence because I would definitely say get some lol xxx

  2. I’m no boot person. I love any kind of flats 😂 and there weather here allows me.

    But your boots, they look Awesome!!! I love the whole look with thesw boots

    1. Lol, I love me some good flats too haha! I have a lot of them in my shoe collection. I might just write about them in a spring post or something haha. Thank you so much!! xxx

  3. OHH I love me some sexy over the knee boots! These are fabulous for fall. My favorite is the Marc Fisher boot. I have a pair like that and they are so comfortable and perfect for any outfit!

    1. Right?! Something about the Marc Fisher one is a classic. The color, the feel, the look. It’s a winner for sure! My pair that are similar to them are also very comfortable and goes with a lot of things. Thanks for stopping by xxx

    1. Sameeeee!! I get excited when fall roles around so that I can wear my boots and style different looks together. Haha I had to stop my boot collection cuz it was becoming too much. Thank you for stopping by xxx

  4. It’s great that you gave us a brief history of over the knee boots before diving in! I have never owned a pair since I’m not sure how they would look on me, but looking at some of the ones you posted is making me thinking of getting them for fall!

    1. Man the history behind the items we wear is so fascinating to me. I never knew any of these things about boots and I’ve been wearing them and keeping them in my collection as if I knew them from infancy lol. Yea it took me a while before I got my first over the knee boots because i was scared of the same thing and then i noticed some outfits I had would pair really well with them, so i took the plunge. Thanks for stopping by xxx

    1. Right?! That was so interesting to find that out and that men were the ones who wore it before women took the look over. Thank you so much for stopping by xxx

  5. I love the history lesson! That is so interesting to learn where fashion trends started. My favorite are definitely the fringe, so cute and I feel like you could pair them with anything.

    1. Yesss I was so stunned by all that I learned and I have been wearing these boots for a long time. The information made it that much more interesting. Ooohh yess those are soo cute and give off that super fun vibe! Love! Thanks for stopping by xxx

    1. Same!! I think over the knee boots work the best in those seasons. Man, I really wanted to get those Steve Madden boots but I told myself I already had enough lol #selfcontrol xxx

    1. Thanks sis! They work great with just about any fall outfit! Can’t wait to hear which one is your favorite out of the bunch! xxx

  6. I’d love a pair of over the knee boots this winter, I used to have some knee high ones but they always fell down my legs which was annoying! I especially love the snake print ones, I’m a sucker for animal print! Becca x

    1. Omg, I hate when they fall down the legs. I don’t know why someone hasn’t invented something to keep them up when they begin to do that lol! Animal print is everything! It’s that kick you need when you want to add a little bit of life to a basic outfit xxx

    1. Oh really? Are you in-between sizes? I’m in between sizes and it sucks!! Uggh I wish I could help with your situation xxx

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