How to Find Your Personal Style

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How to Find Your Personal Style

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Initially, I was going to share all of my secrets about dressing better in one single post, but then I realized that we would be here all day if I did that. So instead, I think I’m going to break down these tips into different posts so you don’t get bored and want to sue me for boredom. 

Therefore in this post, I will be discussing the meaning of fashion/style and how it relates to colors and seasons. And in the other post, I will be informing you on how to use these tips to figure out how to actually dress better.  

Fashion vs. Style

To dress well, you must first understand the differences between the terms fashion and style. 

When I  looked up what fashion meant, the Google dictionary defined fashion as a popular trend, especially in styles of dress and ornament or manners of behavior.

The keyword here in the meaning is trend. Fashion is a trend, meaning it comes and it goes. Fashion is for the collective; it relies on brands, ideas, the way we live, our surroundings, and other individuals for inspiration. It’s also very easy to copy and can definitely be taught because that is what the majority is doing.

Whereas style is defined as a distinctive appearance, typically determined by the principles according to which something is designed.

And therefore, the keyword here is distinctive. Style is distinctive, meaning it’s unique and cannot be taught by others. This is what you have to figure out for yourself. Style is for the individual -> how the individual thinks through their clothes and how the individual chooses to express themselves. Style is a lifestyle that lasts forever. 

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Neither fashion nor style is wrong in how you choose to dress; I suggest that you understand the differences between the terms before purchasing clothes. If you want to purchase fashionable clothes, your best bet is to check out what types of clothes are trending at the moment.

The easiest way to do this is to visit shopping malls with clothing stores like Macy’s, Forever 21, H&M, and Nordstrom. Another way is to read up on fashion magazines such as Seventeen magazines, Vogue, Elle, or InStyle magazines. Sometimes, fashionable purchases can be severely expensive and sometimes you get lucky on great deals.

Style, on the other hand, does not have to be expensive if you know what you are doing. Some people, like myself, enjoy purchasing clothes through thrift stores because one: they are really inexpensive and two: I’ve gained momentum on how to pair items in mind and what works well with other items in my closet.

Nonetheless, if you’re interested in figuring out how to tap into your own personal style when purchasing clothes, please continue reading below. Like I said before, style cannot be taught, either you have it or you don’t. However, I can surely give you tips on how to tap into your personal style.

Know Your Colors

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First of all, I think it’s really important to know what colors you like to see on yourself. Ask yourself: what are your favorite colors to wear? what are your favorite colors period? what colors compliment your skin tone very well? 

I recently found out that a lot of orange colors compliment my skin tone very well but I have always been too scared to wear orange colors; so instead of wearing something like a bright mandarin orange, I’ve settled for a fall-ish, rustic orange color like the top in the photos below: 

Model in Rustic-Orange Top

Once you figure out your colors, please study up on your primary, secondary, and tertiary colors, as well as your warm, cool, and neutral tone colors, to see which colors pair well together. 

What complementary colors pair well together in your eyes? do you like the orange and blue scheme, red and green scheme, or the purple and yellow scheme? Orrrr, do you prefer the more minimalist neutral colors of black, white and grey? 

Once you decide which colors you gravitate towards the most, you can bring the seasons into play.

Time of the Seasons

The seasons are a great way to explore your sense of style with different color schemes. Begin by asking yourself what is your favorite season, is it Spring, Summer, Winter, or Fall, and why?

Next, figure out what color scheme works best in each of these seasons, especially in accordance with your skin tone.  As you figure out the right color schemes for the season, keep in mind that the original Carole Jackson’s Color Me Beautiful 4 season color analysis theory is based on four-color types:

  • Spring: Warm and Light
  • Summer: Cool and Light
  • Winter: Cool and Dark
  • Autumn: Warm and Dark

Therefore, spring colors include a lot of bright pastel colors like coral, sage green, lilac purple, magenta, and pastel or bright yellow.

Summer colors include a lot of blue-based cool colors and are often accented with rose gold, silver, pastels and soft neutral, muted colors like teal, cyan, rose, or a summery yellow.

Winter colors are vibrant, dramatic, minimalistic, sophisticated colors like navy blue, black, white, cool pink, burgundy, and plum. 

Fall is also known as the Autumn season include dark, yellow-based warm colors accented with yellow gold, bronze, and copper tones. Fall colors include vivid and muted earth tones such as rustic orange, deep purple, mustard yellow, and olive green. Fall is definitely my favorite season to dress up for because there are so many rich seasonal colors that compliment my style well.

I’m sure there are other foundational tips that I haven’t covered here but these are my main three: Understanding what style actually is, knowing your colors and understanding how seasons influence your personal style.

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Now Let’s Discuss:

How would you describe your personal style?

Do you have a personal style?

If you would like more tips on figuring out your unique sense of style, please comment below or hit me up for any questions you may have!

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3 thoughts on “How to Find Your Personal Style

  1. Do you recommend any shops for summer clothes? I find it easy to dress cute in winter, spring, and fall because you can layer. However, with the summer heat, I’m always on the lookout for summer dresses and tops that will also keep me cool!

  2. Ooh yeah that is definitely important to me as well! For summer clothes, my go-to places that are affordable and not high brand are SheIn, PrettyLittleThings, H&M, Forever21, Charlotte Russe, and lots of thrift shopping at Gabriel Bros or Salvation Army. For summer clothes/dresses more on the pricey side, I love Lulus, ASOS, Zara, and Urban Outfitters. If I think of any more, I will let you know. xxx

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