Men’s Fashion Trends: 5 Easy Fall Outfits

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Men’s Fashion Trends: 5 Easy Fall Outfits

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There’s always something so cool and effortless about fall menswear trends. Whether it’s finding the right denim jacket to wear, looking out for classy casual outfits for guys or adopting that brilliant casual style, I can always appreciate the work that’s put into creating a fashionable look just for guys. 

Now, the key to wearing and pairing up men’s fall clothes is not always easy though. 

Some people still struggle with finding the right fall guys outfits that will work with the respective season. I cannot express how many times I’ve been out in the dead of winter or on a cool autumn day and saw men rocking shorts or flip flop sandals like it’s still summer. I then wonder if they’ve ever picked up a men’s fashion magazine before lol.

Men’s Fall Outfits      

Moreover, that’s why I recruited my awesome brother to see if we could create easy outfits for men that can inspire guys for when they don’t know what to wear. These men’s fall/winter essentials are also going to be interchangeable so if you’re a guy that doesn’t like to spend money on clothes, you can still use one clothing item over again and just switch up one or two things to create a different look for another day.

Men’s Formal Wear 

When you want to add formal wear into your style, it doesn’t always have to be a suit and tie look. With this formal fall style, we kept things effortless and simple so you can incorporate this look into your everyday fall casual look.

These two men’s formal wear ideas below are meant to make your fashion outfits easier to switch up if need be. You can also wear these looks at your next job interview or to a professional event. 

Formal Style 1:

For this first look, we paired a long black coat over a long black, turtleneck sweater. The fitted pants — close to a denim material — are in a gradient olive green color over simple black boots. We also added a big watch for an additional pop of color. With this look, you can also wear a silver or gold necklace for some added interest to the look.

Shop The Look Here:

Formal Style 2:

With this next look, we just switched out the long black coat for this long tan coat. Still keeping within the fall theme, we kept the black turtleneck shirt, the olive green pants, the black boots, and the big, bold watch. With the exception of the coat, everything looks the same but this style gives you another fall outfit idea to wear for another day. 

Shop The Look Here:

Which of these formal looks is your favorite? 

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Men’s Classy Style 

Classy mens fall outfits are honestly some of my favorite looks on guys. The paring of the white and blue below against the fall sky is genius. This classy casual outfit is the perfect attire for fall dances or even going to church. We layered the tan long coat over a white long sleeve top and sky blue pants over simple black boots. 

Shop The Look Here:

Men’s Street Style

For the men’s casual street style, we decided to pair this green checkered, long sleeve shirt over these dark grey ripped jeans, and some Timberlands for comfort. We also kept the watch and added the long black coat in for a nice cool factor. Rock this outfit to a friend’s house, the club, or to a lively house party.

Shop The Look Here:

Men’s Casual Fall Style

I find that the best casual wear for men is when you’re not trying too hard. The great thing about men’s casual fall outfits is that you can wear them to just about anywhere if that’s really your style. If you’re not sure about what your style is, read this article on How To Find Your Personal Style.

In this casual look, we kept things super simple and sweet. We liked how the short green collared shirt paired with these burgundy pants over the simple black boots. We also kept the watch and brought in the long tan coat to pull this fall look together. What do you think?

Shop The Look Here:

How Should I Dress For Fall?  

If you’re a guy and are wondering how best to dress for fall, I think the key is to keep things simple. Since there’s no basic fashion rules for guys, what do you have to lose? A basic shirt, a nice pair of pants, a cool jacket, a dope scarf or hat, and some simple shoes or boots will do just fine.

Don’t stress about keeping up with all of the men’s fashion trends out there or catching up with the latest men’s fashion tips to see what everyone else is doing. Find your own style. Figure out what mens clothing you like to see yourself in and what makes you feel truly comfortable. Don’t rely on other people’s looks to define yours.

You are your own person. Find the confidence within yourself to look and feel good. Now with that being said, if you like how someone dresses and you would like to use them for style inspiration, that is fine to do. Just as long as you stick to what’s true to you, that’s all that matters. 

What Clothes Are Attractive On Guys?

As a lady, I can definitely assure you that when a guy puts in effort to grooming and taking good care of themselves, it’s definitely appealing. To be frank, I’ve never met a woman say that they’re attracted to a guy that doesn’t have his ish together.

Don’t get me wrong, attractiveness can also be skin deep with how guys take care of themselves from within, but when a guy takes care of himself on the outside too, you can’t tell me that you don’t find that attractive. 

In many ways like grooming, there are certain clothes that guys wear that help to enhance the attractiveness they possess. Some attractive clothes/clothing items include:

  • a basic white cotton t-shirt – honestly, who doesn’t look good in a clean white t-shirt. Make sure the shirt is not too tight or not too loose though, because that ain’t cute.
  • a cool looking flannel top – again, something about a flannel that literally looks good on everyone. 
  • a nice pair of vans – im one of those suckers for guys that wear vans. those shoes — to me — just elevate your whole persona on another level.
  • that perfect long coat or dark jacket – need I say more on this? you’re thinking this too.
  • round/wayfarer frame glasses – prescribed or non-prescribed, you still look fine!
  • a chambray shirt – that denim look never fails. whether you’re going for the rugged male look or the casual fall look, it’s the perfect go-to for when you want to impress someone special.
  • chelsea boots – literally the definition of coolness on your feet or in other words, men’s fashion with boots. they really give men’s fall boots a whole new meaning.
  • a tailored fit suit – come on, now which guy doesn’t look attractive in a tailored fit suit? i’ll wait.
  • a classy watch – this is the go-to accessory that — I think — makes attractive guys look put together and ready for life.
  • a sharp white dress shirt – thank me later, ladies!

Although not my cup of tea, I know that some people find guys in harem pants or khaki pants very attractive. Therefore, please keep in mind that what might look attractive to me might not be the same for everyone else. 

Lucky for many, attractiveness has more to do with your confidence than your clothes. When you wear your clothes with confidence, you attract those that see the confidence within and want to know more about your story.

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How Should Men Dress For Going Out?

When going out, it’s important to be mindful of the places you’re going and how to best dress for that occasion. If you’re going to a wedding, dress appropriately for a wedding. If it’s a job interview, dress appropriately for that. When you are conscious of where you’re going, you dress right for those places. 

Another thing to remember is to be aware of what clothes you’re putting on your body. If you see that the dress shirt you got on is too big or is super tight, change it. If you notice that the colors you got on are too loud for the occasion you’re attending, switch it out for a more muted look. 

Additionally, make sure that what you’re wearing screams quality. I think quality is overlooked sometimes. Now please, don’t confuse quality with expensiveness. Sometimes, when I go to thrift shops, I find some high-quality looks that look like they just came off of the sales floor and the major win is that they don’t cost more than $10-$15. 

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Quality clothes are defined as durable or sturdy clothes that last more than a couple of seasons. Always think quality over quantity in both the money sense and the fabric of the clothes that you put on your skin. No one wants to put an item of clothing that easily tears or gets dirty. When shopping for new clothes, high-quality fabrics to look out for include cotton, linen, wool, denim, and leather fabrics.

Comfortability with clothing is always about feeling good in what you got on. When you feel good about what you wear on the outside, other people will notice and compliment you on your sense of style. So please, don’t be afraid to keep in your closet high-quality clothes that are simple, easy, and comfortable to wear. 

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